Weapon rule

To ensure the safety of all persons to ensure attend the event, the following rules of the weapons or cosplay weapons were fixed with respect.

On grounds of AkiCon following types of weapons are prohibited:

  • Weapons that are prohibited by the Austrian law (eg guns, knives and swords with steel blades, baseball bat
  • Pyrotechnics (e.g .: firecrackers, fireworks, etc.
  • Weapons, where metal is processed (eg: Cosplaywaffen with metal blades)
  • Sharp or pointed arms or weapons, which are classified as hazardous by their type or property (eg: pointed broomsticks)

Partially Permitted weapons:

  • Weapons with more than 2 meters in length can be removed if they thereby may damage the interior of the venue, are not compatible with the design of the location or pose a safety hazard for other visitors.
  • Airsoft guns are without ammunition allowed (sampling can be performed by a member of the Security)

Approved weapon

Any other type of weapons are generally allowed, such as: Larp weapons material from foam, Styrofoam, cardboard long as these weapons is not too large and unwieldy (risk of violation of other visitors, risk of property damage in the dealer and artist area, etc.)
These weapons are checked at the entrance!

The carriage of equipment, not covered by any of the above mentioned directives are not explicitly prohibited, but must be approved by the Security in the entrance area.

Under “may be classified as dangerous goods” includes all objects with which people or objects are either intentionally or unintentionally injured or damaged by accident or improper handling.

Since we want to forbid anyone parts of his costume or necessary tool, but are responsible for ensuring that no persons or valuable goods come to harm, the security is encouraged to assess the real risk of such items and the other carrying approve either or conditional to sanction.

If a circulation not be adhered to, there is the first time a warning. On the second occasion, the object is then removed and can leave at the event or in use for the purpose Cosplayaufführung (under consultation with the Cosplayjury, see below) will be picked up at the entrance.

Should an unauthorized / illegal object found its way onto the grounds, this is taken immediately.

Depending on the type of weapon it can in this case lead to a display (eg Prohibited weapons lt. Österr. Act).

Illegal arms must be delivered at the entrance. If they are needed for Cosplayaufführungen, this must be included in the security, and the CosplayJury! Otherwise it may be that your weapons are not available for the idea!

Be allowed weapons or objects used on the premises of AkiCon abusive or dangerous manner, the security can ensure the item at any time.

For objects that may not be removed from the Security / received (eg sharp firearms, unfree pyrotechnics, etc) is in legal possession (person with weapons pass, pyro) to deny entry to the premises, in illegal possession, the police must be notified (illegal possession of arms).

The Security Service is in the case, the person entitled to stop until the police arrive (stopping right).

We ask you as carefully as possible to deal with the weapons, not only because other people may be injured or damaged furnishings, but also her own!

Best regards!

Your AkiCon team