House rule

On the AkiCon 2016 certain rules that come into force on entering the event:

§1 The organizers, helpers and security personnel are characterized by special T-shirts. The instructions of these individuals is necessarily followed. A disruption of the event may result in a report section 285 of the Criminal Code to be after.

§2 to attend the event an entrance fee is payable. The determination of the fee is up to the organizer and is not negotiable. Against the payment of the entrance, the visitor receives a bracelet. This is visible to wear on the body and can always be controlled by the operator or by an authorized person.

§3 The organizer has the right people, in violation of the house rules, other fall event visitors a nuisance or disturb the event excluded from the event. A right to reimbursement of a paid entry fee does not exist.

§4 The production of video and / or audio recordings is basically allowed on the event until further notice, except for shooting in toilets and changing rooms, without prior knowledge of the captured. Accepting the event visitors, that the possibility exists that they at the event photographs and / or video recordings created and they will be displayed. An entitlement to pay for this is not, as there is no right of appeal against the publication.

ad. §4 For the production of video and / or audio recordings for press activities (as well as any other form of intended activity Press), a press arrangement (inquiry to [email protected]) must be filled out completely and with the correct information, and signed to the event manager be sent and approved.

ad. §4 exploitation rights

APPROVAL OF visitor’s realization of any recordings that was made of him

Each person who enters the compound, agrees that free audio and video recordings made by her, of which by direct or time-delayed video display, direct or timer transmission or other transmission or recording, photographs or any other current and / or future media technologies may be exercised.

Each person who enters the compound, recognizes that they may make sound and / or visual recordings than for private use and / or transfer. In any case, it is strictly forbidden to transmit over the Internet, radio, television or any other current and / or future media, any sound and / or images, in whole or in part, or assist any other person in carrying out such activities. Are excluded from members of the press and electronic media, which are accredited by the organizer.

For TV broadcasts and records of visitors to the transmitting TV company gives its consent that the recordings made of him during or in connection with the event can be evaluated without compensation without time or location specified by any technical procedure.

§5 weapons: for §5 we refer you to the following page: Weapons Rules for AkiCon

§6 Carrying any other items that may lead to personal injury, or applying any objects as a weapon is strictly prohibited. Put items that will meet this definition by security personnel at least until they leave the event in custody (the possession of the object in Austria is not permitted, so the object is to be handed over to the Austrian police). Opposes the person of the seizure, so they are referred to Section 3 of the House Rules of the event.

Section 7 shall be exempted from the restrictions § 5 and § 6, all the organizers of this unauthorized persons (eg: Martial Arts Presenter) and members of the Austrian police on duty.

§8 Carrying, consumption or distribution of addictive substances pursuant to Art. 1 Narcotic Substances Act is prohibited. The organizer is obligated to report any violation. Persons possessing narcotics at the event will also be excluded by § 3 of the house rules of the event.

§9 Consuming food, beverages and tobacco is generally only allowed in the designated areas. Consuming alcoholic foods and beverages is prohibited during the event.

§10 Taking animals with you is not permitted.

§11 Any inventory, furnishings, walls, windows, etc. must not be damaged! The hanging of posters, Wall Scrolls etc. require the consent of the event organization. Liable polluters pay for the damage! Thank you for your understanding for the preservation of the security and the well-being of everyone involved!

Your AkiCon team